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CBG ( Compressed Biomethane Gas )

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Biogas is a cheap, abundant renewable energy and as the main component of biogas is methane & carbon dioxide. Biogas comes from a variety sours such as organic waste, sewage plant, land fill, however biogas can be used for only specific facilities.


To widely utilize biogas as Natural gas alternative such as city gas or Fuel for Vehicles, Upgrading by removal of CO2 and other components are required. Daigas Group have established a 250 Nm3/h scale plant and it has been operation since 2017. We have been producing more than 500t of CBG and have supplied CBG to more than 13,000 vehicles until today.


Our Technology

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) is commonly used for removing CO2 from the bio gas, which has advantage on yielding high purity CH4 at low cost. The disadvantage of PSA, not high recovery rate of CH4, is made up for by purifying and recycling the off gas emitted from PSA using membrane technology. So our technology has achieved high purification and high recovery.


Turnkey Service

OSAKA GAS (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. can provide design, construction and management about pre-processing, upgrading plant, NGV filling station.

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