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CNG ( Compressed Natural Gas )


As Natural Gas is the most cleanest for environment and one of the most cheapest fuel in Thailand. But the 2 biggest problems for NG supply to factory are the investment for the new user and lead time of construction with permission. We understand these problems and have created the new NG supplying system to

industrial factory by CNG trailer at 250 bar of NG pressure. With our partner’s CNG mother stations, we can supply CNG for the mostly area of Central and Eastern of Thailand. Also with our supply experiences, we can supply for 24 hours/day system that required by industrial type.


Our Experience

Osaka Gas has more than a century to supply NG to industrial factory in Japan. We understand the requirement of non-stop operation of factory. We designed and adjusted together with our clients for the best supply solution for the each factory.


Our Service

OSAKA GAS (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. can provide project design, CNG station construction and CNG facility revamping or replacement with Thai’s permission required including our energy saving solution technology.

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